The Wilson Family (of the North Riding of Yorkshire )

Family Descent

First Generation

Thomas Wilson - married Elizabeth Oxley (born 23 August, 1733, Egton) on 2 June, 1752, at Glaisdale, NRY.

Issue: Unknown child, John, Francis


Second Generation

Francis Wilson b. 20 April, 1766, Egton - married Elizabeth Harland (12th March, 1799, in Danby)

Issue: John Wilson, Francis, Jane, Mary, William, Elizabeth, Sarah, Hannah, Joseph, Christy, Thomas, Newark, Moses, Aaron


Third Generation

Newark Wilson - b. Houlsyke, January 6, 1819 - married Hannah Wood at St. Mary's, Whitby

Issue: George, Ann Elizabeth, Mary Jane


Fourth Generation

Ann Elizabeth Wilson - b. 21 March, 1856, Bransdale, NRY - married James Green (b. 1853, Rudland, NRY)

Issue: Newark Wilson, Ann Elizabeth, George William, Thomas, Robert, James, Thomas Ernest, Annie Alice


Fifth Generation

Annie Alice Green - b. Cowesby, NRY, 1890 - married Gordon Barber, Guelph, ON

Issue: Marjorie, Dorothy, Dora Eileen, Annie Frances, Arthur Freeman, Albert Gordon


Sixth Generation

Issue: Arthur Freeman Barber - married Mary Lilian Almas

Issue: Mary Elizabeth, Laurence James (moi) and Muriel Anne