Charles Willoughby

Charles Willoughby, son of John Willoughby and Sarah (also nee Willoughby) was born on the Townland of Killavaney near the village of Tinahely, in the parish of Kilcommon, Co. Wicklow, Ireland, ca 1821. The family was Protestant and there is a family story stating that they were descendents of a Lord Willoughby. Charles was a brother of Thomas Willoughby, lattery of Grey County, Ontario.

According to Mormon IGI sources, Charles was married to Sarah Langril (or Langrill, or Langrell), daughter of William Langrill on the 30th of January, 1849. The IGI (Batch No.: M701999). The marriage likely took place at the Church of Ireland in the parish of Kilcommon, at Tinahely, Co. Wexford. Sarah Langrill was the daughter of William Langrill (Langrell) and Unknown, and the wedding record indicates that her residence was at the townland of Coolah, in the parish of of Aughrim, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. (Sarah Willoughby, their daughter, who married John Barber was a cousin of the doctors John and Walter F. Langrill, sometime Chief Medical Officers for the city of Hamilton, Ontario (e.g. in 1905).

It is possible that the family was part of the dislocation and resettlement of tenants of the Fitzwiliam Estate in Co. Ireland, which took place between 1848 and 1856. Brother Thomas is living with Charles and Sarah, in 1851 as recorded in the Census. They were residing at Concession 6, W Lot 6 Eramosa Twp., Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada.

After Sarah's death in August of 1857, Charles married Margaret Moore, who was born in Upper Town, Donegal, Co. Donegal, Ireland. Their marriage by the Rev. Robert Torrance was solemnized in Guelph. (The marriage appears in the Wellington District Registers 1852-1857 under Marriages by Rev'd Robert Torrance, Guelph - #317. Charles Willoughby to Margaret Moore, both of Eramosa, 2nd Dec. 1857, by license. Rev. Torrance. Witnesses: William Maud and Ann Maud.) Margaret and Charles subsequently had a son, John James Willoughby (born June 15, 1861), who moved to Sisted Township, Muskoka, Ontario.

Note: There is a problem of dates which leads to confusion and questions. If Margaret and Charles were married in 1857, when did first wife Sarah die? A daughter, Elizabeth, was baptized in 1858 (with indication in the record that her mother was Sarah). A son, John died in infancy in 1860 - and John James was born in June of 1861. (no record found yet of his mother).

Research shows that the Charles Willoughby family (of (Concession 6, Lot 6, Eramosa Township, Wellington County, Ontario) were by marriage relatives of the Maude family and the Dunbar family. The Maude and Dunbar farms were very near to the above Concession and Lots. William Maude was the nearest neighbour and the Robert Dunbar family lived nearby.

Charles Willoughby died 29 January 1879 (age 58) of 'cardiac dropsy' (male, farmer), at York Co., Ontario (Dr. Robt Pryor, Toronto; Registrar: Robty Roddy). He had been incarcerated as criminally insane and was likely at the Provincial Lunatic Asylum at the locale that was later to become the Queens Street Mental Health Centre, in Toronto (999 Queen Street West).

The children of Charles and Sarah Willoughby were all born at the farm on Concession 6, near Rockwood.

1. William Willoughby, born around 1849 or 1850, likely in Ontario, married Harriet (Unknown). Their children were Ormiston (Ormie) Willoughby, born around 1874; Pearl Willoughby, born around 1876, Eramosa Township; Mabel S. Willoughby, born around 1878, Eramosa Township; Alcima Willoughby, born around 1881, Eramosa Township; and Florella Willoughby, born about 1883.

2. Sarah Willoughby who died 9 February, 1943, Atwood, Ontario, and is buried at Woodlawn Cemetery, Guelph, Ontario.

3. Mary L. (Langrill?) Willoughby, born 7th of March 1853 in Eramosa Twp., Wellington Co., ON, married James Potter - b. 9 Oct. 1857, Edgefield, Norfolk, England - died 26 October, 1928; buried 29 October, 1928, East Plains Methodist (now United) Church, (Aldershot) Burlington, Ontario). Mary Willoughby died 24 October, 1930, at Freeman's Corners (Burlington), Ontario and is buried at East Plains Methodist Church, (Aldershot) Burlington, Ontario. They had a baby girl, Willoughby Potter, b. 1898 - d. 24 January, 1898 who is buried with them.

4. Elizabeth Willoughby was born about 1857. She was baptized 10 September, 1858 at the Norfolk Street, Methodist Church, Guelph, Ontario. 

5. Charles W. Willoughby was born, likely in 1858 and was baptized 10 September, 1858, at the Norfolk Street, Methodist Church in Guelph.

6. John Willoughby was born in Eramosa Twp., in January of 1860 and died there May 18,1860. (This may have resulted in the death of his mother, Sarah (Langrill) Willoughby.

There were many Willoughbys living in relative proximity in Ireland, probably relatively closely related families living in Co. Wexford and in Co. Wicklow. There is a William Langrill in Co. Wexford living on the Townland of Annagh Upper (just west of Holyfort) and a John Willoughby living just east of Holyfort at Ballingarry Upper. I previously thought this was the locale and roots of 'my' Charles Willoughby and Sarah Langrill, but new research shows that they were from Co. Wicklow, as per their marriage record in 1849 indicating that Sarah was from Coolagh, near Aughrim, and Charles as being from Kilvaney, both in the Counto of Wicklow.

Wexford Willoughbys

Marriage between an Elizabeth Willoughby of Ballingarry to Charles Willoughby of Huntingdon in 1831.

Charles Willoughby marrying a Miss Bass...

Henry Willougby marrying a Miss Maurdant - but no dates for these.

Willoughby Baptisms 1838-1860; Records held at Christchurch, Gorey, Co. Wexford.
(Page numbers indicate the page in the Baptismal Register - From Reginald Willoughby, 2003)

Page 53 Baptism No 417 John of William and Eliza Willoughby of Kilmurray, Farmer. Born 17 February 1847 Baptized by Rev H Newland 25 April 1847

Page 63 Baptism No 492 Samuel of William and Eliza Willoughby of Kilmurray, Farmer. Born 4 November 1848 Baptized by Rev H Newland 29 April 1849

Page 72 Sarah Jane of William and Eliza Willoughby of Kilmurray, Farmer. Born 28 October 1851 baptized by Rev H Newland 28 December 1851

Page 79 William of William and Eliza Willoughby of Kilmurray, Farmer. Born 20 march 1854 Baptized by Rev H Newland 27 August 1854

Page 84 Eliza of William and Eliza Willoughby of Kilmurray, Farmer. Born 4 December 1856 Baptized by Rev R Dean 25 January 1857

Page 88 Mary of William and Elizabeth Willoughby of Kilmurray, Farmer. Born 12 August 1857 Baptized by Rev C Hamilton 4 July 1858 (Last Baptism In Christchurch old Church)

Page 89 Anne of William and Elizabeth Willoughby of Kilmurray, Farmer. Born 21 January 1859 Baptized by Rev R Dean 29 April 1859

Griffiths Valuation - Wexford Co., Ireland

Griffiths Valuation took place throughout Ireland during the middle of the 19th Century. Wexford’s was released in 1853.

Surname Forename Townland Parish County

Willoughby Dorothea Ballycanew Ballycanew Wexford
Willoughby John Ballycanew Ballycanew Wexford
Willoughby George Town of Gorey (Pot Lane) Kilmakilloge Wexford
Willoughby John Town of Gorey, Main Street Kilmakilloge Wexford
Willoughby William Town of Gorey, Wexford St Kilmakilloge Wexford
Willoughby Charles Ballingarry Upper Kilnahue Wexford
Willoughby Eliza Ballingarry Upper Kilnahue Wexford
Willoughby John Ballingarry Upper Kilnahue Wexford
Willoughby John Court Street St. Marys Enniscorthy Wexford
Willoughby John Court Street St. Marys Enniscorthy Wexford
Willoughby John New Ross St. Marys New Ross Wexford

Wexford Gravestones

Leskinfere, St. Luke's, Church of Ireland The church is situated approx 1/2 mile north of the Clogh cross-roads on the Gorey-Camolin road.
Willoughby Anne, Willoughby Charles, Willoughby John, Willoughby Susan

Langril Family Connection to the Willoughbys

Surname Forename Townland Parish County -- Langrill William - Annagh Upper Kilnahue Wexford

The Langrils were cousins - with Dr. W.F. Langrill, Chief Medical Officer at the turn of the century, in Hamilton, ON. Charles Willoughby Sr.married Sarah Langril in 1849, Dubon. (IGI Batch No.: M701999 - 30 Jan. 1849, Ireland for the marriage of a Charles Willoughby and Sarah Langril (b. ca 1827); with the Charles b. ca 1820.)

In the Irish Rebellion, effecting all of Ireland and including Co. Wexford nr Gorey (PROTESTANTS MASSACRED IN THE DIOCESE OF FERNS 1798 ) . . . MAUD, John and son - piked on Gorey Hill, of Clough; DANGRELL (LANGRELL?), John - twenty-seventh May, of Kiltrish . . .

Additional and Possibly Relevant Willoughby and Maude Information (Co. Wexford, Ireland)

WILLIAM WILLOUGHBY - Spouse: ELIZA MAUDE - Marriage: 06 MAY 1846 0097, Gorey, Wexford, Ireland - Batch No.: M701626

FREDRICK WILLOUGHBY - Birth: 05 DEC 1865 0796, Gorey, Wexford, Ireland -Father: WILLIAM WILLOUGHBY; Mother: ELIZABETH MAUDE - Batch No.: C701268

GEORGE WILLOUGHBY - Birth: 09 MAY 1868 , Wexford, Ireland - Father: WILLIAM WILLOUGHBY; Mother: ELIZABETH MAUDE - Batch No.: C012001

JOHN WILLOUGHBY - Spouse: ANNE WRIGHT - Marriage: 13 SEP 1845 0099, Gorey, Wexford, Ireland - Batch No.: M701615

WILLIAM WILLOUGHBY - Birth: About 1801 Of Gourie, , Wexford, Ireland - Spouse: Mary Ann Marriage: < 1832> <Gourie (sic), , Wexford, Ireland>

MARY JANE WILLOUGHBY - Birth: 08 JUN 1867 , Wexford, Ireland - Father: HENRY WILLOUGHBY; Mother: JANE GIFFNEY (or Gibney)- Batch No.: C011878

CHARLES WILLIAM WILLOUGHBY - Birth: 26 JAN 1868 , Wexford, Ireland - Father: GEORGE WILLOUGHBY; Mother: CATHARINE LORD - Batch No.: C014084

FRANCES ELIZABETH AYERS - Birth: 21 MAY 1865 0897, Gorey, Wexford, Ireland - Father: HENRY AYERS; Mother: JANE MAUDE - Batch No.: C701257

FRANCIS WILLOUGHBY - b. 1833 Gorey, Wexford, Ireland - father: Wm Willoughby; mother - Elizabeth Maude; Batch: 0970314

CHARLES WILLOUGHBY - b. 1785 Benough, Wexford, Ireland; Film # 184168

WILLIAM WILLOUGBY - b. abt 1801 - Of Gourie, Wexford, Ireland

WILIAM WILLOUGHBY m. ELIZA MAUDE - 6 May 1846, Gorey, Wexford; M701626

JOHN WILLOUGHBY - b. 1821 Geric (sic), Wexford; Death 21 Nov. 1888 (in Australia); spouse - Charlotte Wood; m. 28 Mar. 1848, Wilbeforece, New South Wales, AU

JANE AYERS - Birth: 16 OCT 1870 , Wexford, Ireland; Father: HENRY AYERS - Mother: JANE MAUDE - Batch No.: C014050 ( Mary Willoughby - b. May 25, 1825 _ County Wexford, Ireland - d. December 31, 1905 _ Atwood, ON - m. July 29, 1841 _ Ireland; Buried: Elma Center Cemetery, Atwood, ON - Immigration to Canada: May 12, 1851.

Mary was born in Ireland and married John Ayers when she was 16. They had twelve children. Her oldest child, William, was her only boy, but he died at 13 months of age. Three daughters, Elizabeth, Sarah and Jemima, were born in Ireland before the family immigrated to Canada. Two months after their arrival Mary gave birth to another daughter, Mary Jane, and in the years that followed, seven more daughters were born. Two of these daughters, Maggie and Clarissa, died very young. John died in 1880 and by 1904 Mary was living in Berlin, (now Kitchener) with four of her daughters, Jemima, Susie, Annie, and Adeline, and her granddaughter Gladys Shannon. That same year another granddaughter, Eleanor Grace Glasspell came to live with them in order to attend kindergarten. On New Year's Eve 1905 Mary died.

Jemima Ayers - Birth: MAY 1849 , Wexford, Ireland - Death: 01 MAR 1937 - Father: John Ayers Family; Mother: Mary Willoughby


As Maude (of Eramosa) are cousins to Willoughbys there are some tie-ins here too:

Elizabeth Willoughby (b. 1801, d. 06 May 1872) Elizabeth Willoughby was born 1801 in Ireland, and died 06 May 1872 in Erin Twp., Ontario. She married Joseph Maude on 1810, son of Robert Maud and Elizabeth Harlon.
Notes for Elizabeth Willoughby: – death date was given by son Joseph on a land record. Birth date from 1861 census, transcribed by Brenda Ayres.

The Maude Family

Tragic Murder