Sarah Willoughby 1853 - 1942

Sarah Willoughby was born 20 March, 1853, in Rockwood, Ontario, Canada. She married John Barber (1853 - 1932) in the Eramosa Methodist Church, 31 May, 1876, Eramosa Township, Wellington County, Ontario. They celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary in 1926 at their Elm Lane Farm residence, on the Paisley Road, part of the 'Paisley Block' in Guelph Township - just west of Guelph, Ontario.

Sarah's father was Charles Willoughby, and Sarah Langril (Langrill), both of whom were born in Ireland. There is a Mormon IGI record of Charles Willoughby marrying Sarah Langril, 30 January, 1849.

Charles and Sarah Willoughby farmed on the East north half of Lot 6, Concession 6, Eramosa Township, just a few miles east of Rockwood. There farm was next to the William Maude farm and near to the Robert Dunbar farm.

Sarah died in August of 1857. Both Charles and Sarah are buried in the Rockwood Cemetery.

The Willoughby House, Concession 6, Lot 6, Eramosa Twp., Wellington County, ON

The children of Charles and Sarah Willoughby were all born at the farm on Concession 6, near Rockwood.

1. William Willoughby, born around 1849 or 1850, likely in Ontario, married Harriet (Unknown). Their children were Ormiston (Ormie) Willoughby, born around 1874; Pearl Willoughby, born around 1876, Eramosa Township; Mabel S. Willoughby, born around 1878, Eramosa Township; Alcima Willoughby, born around 1881, Eramosa Township; and Florella Willoughby, born about 1883.

2. Sarah Willoughby (see top) who died 9 February, 1943, Atwood, Ontario, and is buried at Woodlawn Cemetery, Guelph, Ontario.

3. Mary Willoughby, born around 1855, married James Potter (b. 9 Oct. 1857, Edgefield, Norfolk, England - died 26 October, 1928; buried 29 October, 1928, East Plains Methodist (now United) Church, (Aldershot) Burlington, Ontario. Mary Willoughby died 24 October, 1930, at Freeman's Corners (Burlington), Ontario and is buried at East Plains Methodist Church, (Aldershot) Burlington, Ontario. They had a baby - Willoughby Potter b. 1898 - d. 24 January, 1898 who is buried with them.

4. Elizabeth Willoughby was baptized 10 September, 1858 at the Norfolk Street, Methodist Church, Guelph, Ontario.

5. Charles W. Willoughby was baptized 10 September, 1858, at the Norfolk Street, Methodist Church in Guelph.


A Family Tragedy

Charles Willoughby (Sarah's father) remarried a woman named Margaret Moore (born ca 1820 in the parish of Upper Town, Donegal, Co. Donegal, Ireland), after the death of his first wife. Margaret was the daughter of James Moore (born in 1805, Upper Donegal who died, age 76, in Eramosa Twp., Welland Co., ON, 2 January 1881),

Margaret was living in Eramosa when they were married in 1857 (the 2nd of December) in Guelph by the Rev. Robert Torrance at a wedding witnessed by Willoughby cousins, William and Ann Maud.

Their son was John James Willoughby (b. ca 1861, Rockwood, ON - d. 30 Oct 19018, Aspidin, Muskoka, ON) who removed to Stisted Twp., Muskoka, Ontario. He married Mary Webber of Devonshire, England (27th of January 1887, St. George's Church, Lancelot, Muskoka District, Ontario. Their children were: Ada (b. Stisted Twp. 24 November 1888), John James (b. Stisted Twp. 19 October 1890), Ronald (b. Stisted Twp. 14 Februay 1892), William H. (b. Stisted Twp. 24th of December 1893), Mary (b. Stisted Twp. 11 February 1896), Florence Mabel ((b. Stisted Twp., 19 December 1898) and Clarence (b. 12 June 1902, Stisted Twp.).

Tragically, Margaret was murdered by Charles in February of 1871 and Charles was held to be criminally insane and incarcerated at Rockwood Asylum, Kingston, ON (according to newspaper accounts of the time) - or Hamilton, ON (as one family story has it). Margaret Willoughby is buried in the Presbyterian Church cemetery, at Eden Mills, Ontario. There are records concerning this tragedy in the Acton Newspaper and in the Mt. Forest 'Confederate.' Following his arrest, Charles gave over the land to his son William for the legal and token amount of one dollar, who, as part of the terms of the transaction, was to see that all of his siblings were cared for, went to school, etc. He bought out most of them (in terms of the farm) at the time of their 21st birthdays.

The family was related (through Charles' marriage to his first wife, Sarah Langril (Langrill)) to cousins - Dr. John Langrill and Dr. Walter F. Langrill - prominent doctors (Chief Medical Officers) in Hamilton, Ontario (for example, in 1905).