Lambshead Family Devon, Lancashire and Ontario


Family Line


Generation 1

Thomas Lamsede - born 1577

issue: Elizabeth, John, Joane, Anne


Generation 2

John Lamsede - c. 28 October, 1612, Churston Ferrers, Devon; married Johan Harris, in Churston Ferrers

issue: Richard


Generation 3

Richard Lambshead - christened 16 November, 1647, Churston Ferrers, Devon; married Patience Hinchson, Brixham

issue: John, Nicholas, Joane, Patience, Elizabeth


Generation 4

John Lambshead - christened 7 October, 1671, Brixham, Devon; married Mary Evans, Brixham

issue: Richard, Mary, Nicholas, George


Generation 5

George Lambshead - christened 16 January, 1706, Brixham, Devon; married Jane Smith, Brixham

issue: John, Jane, George


Generation 6

George Lambshead - christened 4 December, 1743, Brixham, Devon; married Agnes Snell

issue: George, George, Unknown, William, Samuel


Generation 7

William Lambshead - christened 1 March, 1789, Bovey Tracey, Devon; married Honour Langworthy in 1810, Brixham

issue: George, William, Sarah, Josias, Samuel, James


Generation 8

Josias Lambshead - born 27 October, 1817, Bovey Tracey, Devon; married Elizabeth Manning, Chudleigh, 1841

issue: Elizabeth, Ellen, Josias, William, Samuel, Elyn, George, James, Henry


Generation 9

(Josiah) Lambshead - born 9 February, 1847, Paignton, Devon; married Mary Jane Partridge, 7 April, 1868

issue: Mary Jane, Josiah, Elizabeth, John, Lillian Partridge, James Edward , Frederick, Albert Nelson


Generation 10

Mary Jane Lambshead - b. 21 March, 1869, Christow, Devon; married Newman James Almas (1866-1930)

Issue: Josiah Gordon, Ellen Gertrude, Hazel Jane, James Frederick, Ernest Hayes, Nelson Clayton, Mary


Generation 11

Mary Almas


Generation 12

Laurence Barber

Possible Origin of the Name - Lambshead

Th little hamlet of Lambside is just east of Newton Ferrers, on the southern coast of Devon - not far east of Plymouth. It is my theory that the name 'Lambshead' is taken originally from 'Lambside.' I have seen documents from the 1200's showing that the 's' in Lambshead was pronounced as 'sh' - or Lambshyde, and various renderings. Though many distant relatives call the name Lambs - head our 'branch' has always pronounced the name Lamb - shead - which may be closer to this original variant. It's just a theory, but I believe it very may well be true.