Josiah Lambshead b. 1816

Josiah or (Josias) Lambshead was born 27 October, 1816, Bovey Tracey, Devon, England. He married Elizabeth Manning in Chudleigh, Devon, 17 October, 1841.

Josiah was the son of William Lambshead and Honour (Honora) Langworthy. Elizabeth Manning, his wife, was the daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Manning and she was born at Chudleigh in 1821. Possibly she was born in West Teignmouth, as were her siblings, as was listed as from Chudleigh at the time of her marriage in that village, where she was a current resident of the parish.

Elizabeth (Manning) Lambshead is listed as being 30 years old, in the 1851 Devon Census. She was the 'turn pike tolls collector' at their residence in the Goodstone Toll House. (Family #36 in the 1851 Census.) Elizabeth's parents were Thomas Manning (born - West Teignmouth, Devon) and Elizabeth (Unknown). Her sisters were: Charlotte and Caroline, both of whom were born in West Teignmouth.

Josiah was an agricultural worker (labourer: as per his son Josiah's wedding certificate). The 1851 Devon Census shows him and Elizabeth living in Ashburton; he is 34 years old. The 1861 Census shows them living in Sandygate, Kingsteignton where he is listed as a clay cutter - as are two of his sons. (The clay was quarried like limestone (at a quarry a mile from Sandygate) and was used for making fine bone china.) The family is listed in the Census of that year as being #361759. Their residence was the 'Goodstone Toll House,' near Ashburton.

The children of Josiah Lambshead and Elizabeth (Manning) Lambshead were:

1. Elizabeth Lambshead - born 1843 October, Teignmouth, Devon. She was 8 in the 1851 Census (Ashburton Newton Enumeration District)

2. Ellen Lambshead - born 1845, Jersey, England. In the 1861 Census she was 16, living in Chudleigh as a house servant of Richard Goodridge, Axoncombe. (Goodridge is listed as a farmer of 290 acres, employing 8 men and 4 boys. A John Manning, aged 13, is listed as a servant.)

3. Josias Lambshead - born 9 February, 1847. (Name spelled 'Lamshead on birth certificate and as 'Josias' not Josiah)

4. William Lambshead - born 1846 (or 1848) at Highweek, Devon. He is 3 in the 1851 Census. He was a clay miner, living in 1851 with his parents at the Goodstone Toll House, Ashburton. In the 1881 Census, his residence is: New Park Cottage, Kingsteington, Devon.

5. Samuel Lambshead - born 1851, Ashburton, Devon. He was 1 month old in the 1851 Census.

6. Elyn Lambshead - born 1856.

7. George Lambshead - born 1859.

8. James Lambshead - born 1864, Kingsteignton, Devon. In 1881 he resided at "cottage, Kingsteignton."

9. Henry Lambshead - born 1868