James William Barnard born 1884

James William Barnard - father of Evelyn Blanche Barnard - was born on 22 December, 1884;, and christened on 7th December, 1884, in Cliddesden, Hants (nr. Basingstoke), Hampshire. The Barnard family was from the Basingstoke area of Hampshire, England.

His father was Harry Thomas Barnard (c. 10 September, 1854, Basingstoke, Hants) - and his mother was Annie (nee Gregory).

He was married to Alice Maud Bradshaw b. 24 November, 1885, Redditch, Worcester, England. They met when both were living in a boarding house, in London, Ontario. Around that time, James was working in a rubber vulcanizing plant (tire manufacturing), in London.

James William Barnard served in World War I, and won several honours and medals. He was a machine-gunner who was part of several units when his own camrades and units were killed and virtually annhilated.

Subsequently, he was a house builder, and then a fireman, in the city of Toronto. The family lived in West Hill, now the farthest east of Toronto, ON.

James and Maud (Bradshaw) Barnard, with their children (l-r) Alf, Jim, Hazel and Evelyn


Evelyn Maud Barnard - married Alexander Edwin Brock

James William Barnard - unmarried

Alfred Lloyd Barnard - Phyllis Clark

Hazel Marie Barnard - William Conway

John (Jack) Frederick - Ruth Clark


James, Jack, Alf, Maud, Evelyn, Hazel, Jim

James and Maud and the members of the family came to personal faith in Christ and were associated in ministry with the Brethren Assemblies.

Both James and Alice (Peggy) Barnard lived at Bethany Lodge, Unionville, ON, until the time of their death.