The Green family of the North Riding of Yorkshire is related through Alice Annie Green who married Gordon Barber in 1914, in Guelph, Ontario.

Alice Annie Green 1890 - 1976 (my father's mother)

Many of the Green family members, for generations previous, had been miners of shallow coal pits, in the Harland and Rudland Rigg area of the North Yorkshire Moors, in the North Riding of Yorkshire. This area is between Bransdale and Farndale, just north of the hamlet of Gillamoor.

Towns and villages of Green-related interest include Cowesby, Carlton, Danby, Gillamoor, Helmsley, Huttons Ambo, Kirkbymoorside - and the dales of Bilsdale, Bransdale, Farndale - plus regions like Bonfield Ghyl, Harland Moor and Rudland Rigg. These places are in and around the area known as the North York Moors. It has not changed for hundreds of years and is now owned and preserved by 'The National Trust.'

The Green Family story in England centres around the area of Yorkshire known as the North York Moors. The Greens left for Canada from a farm known as Welbourn Lane Farm, located at Huttons Ambo (which was about 2 and a half miles SW of Malton, on the road from Scarborough to York.

Most of the family members came to Canada in 1906, having sold their farm at Welburn Lane Farm, Huttons Ambo, travelling by train to Liverpool, and then coming across the Atlantic on the SS Canada. The family settled first in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Subsequently, they moved to the Guelph, ON, area, the parents having a farm at the intersection of Stone Church Road and old Highway 6 (now Regional Road 46). This today is a stop-light right at the south of the University of Guelph.

Alice Annie Green (1890 - 1976)

James Green (1853 - 1936)

Esther Green (1835 - 1917)

James Green (1797 - ?)

Thomas Green (1761 - ?)

John Green (ca 1725 - ?)


Alice Annie Green - at age 5