Austin Family

My mother's mother was Lilian Maria Austin who married Frank King and moved to Canada with their family in 1907. The Austin family were Londoners, living at and around Southwark, Paddington, Marylebone, High Holborn, Battersea, Enfield, Edmonton, Tottenham - and such places.


Austin descent to Laurence Barber

John Austin - spouse: Ann Jane Unknown

James Aitkin Austin (christened 18 April, 1824) - spouse: Mary Maria Scarfe

James John Austin (born 7 July, 1853) - spouse: Monica Kelly

Lilian Maria Austin (born 23 May, 1878) - spouse: Francis King

Ellen May King (born 27 January, 1903) - spouse: Ernest Hayes Almas

Mary Lilian Almas - spouse: Arthur Freeman Barber

Laurence James Barber - spouse: Jane Arlene Brock