On the 13th of January, 1745, Robert Barber married Mary Clutton at Withersdale, Suffolk.

Mary Clutton was the daughter of William Clutton (or Clutten) - (christened 22 July, 1675, Yoxford, Suffolk) and Martha Aldous (christened 19 March, 1670, Earl Soham, Suffolk; buried - 6 February, 1747). William Clutton and Martha Aldous had been married on the 3rd of October, 1700, in Fressingfield, Suffolk.

Mary (wife of Robert Barber) was the widow of a first husband, John Catling of Fressingfield. In the booklet, 'Looking Back at Fressingfield,' there are some details and a diagram concerning his house in that village. (Children of John Catling and Mary Clutton were: Mary Catling (1727 - 4 February, 1761); John Catling (christened: 27 April, 1733); Elizabeth Catling (1741 - 3 August, 1804).)

The children of Robert Barber (1704 - 1771) and Mary Clutton (8 June, 1707 - 2 December, 1784) were: Robert Barber (1747 - 1815) and James Barber (1748 - 1808).


Burial: 8 MAR 1687 Yoxford,Suffolk,England

Marriage 1 Ann GARDNER (GARDINER) 8 OCT 1672 in Yoxford,Suffolk,England

Elizabeth CLUTTEN

Christening: 25 JUL 1675 Fressingfield,Suffolk,England
Burial: 9 JUL 1732 Fressingfield,Suffolk,England

Note: William was living in Cratfield at the time of his marriage. Martha was living in Linstead Parva which is right next to Cratfield. Her parents were in Fressingfield. William and Martha must have lived in Linstead Parva for the first few years as the first three of their children were baptized there.

Indications from the Fressingfield registers are that there was only the one family of Cluttons living there in the early 1700's. The name was no doubt new to the area so various spellings of the name occured. For the marriage entry, William's name was spelled Clouten; for the baptisms of his children, it was Cluttin, but for the entry for his mother's burial, it was Clutton, then later on Clutten was used. When William signed his will in 1731, he signed it William Clutton.

He had three of his sons apprenticed. Oldest son, William, was apprenticed in 1714 at the age of 12 to Joseph Foster of Melton, tool-maker, for the sulm of eight pounds. In 1722, son John was apprenticed at the age of 13 to James Gooden of Bungay, wheelwright, for the sum of three pounds. Then from Samuel Francis Clutten's book, son Valentine is mentioned as being apprenticed to a wheelwright at Holton. In the guild system which was controlled by the master craftsmen, a candidate served an apprenticeship of 7 years in which to learn a trade and during this time he was not allowed to marry. Following this, a period of about 5 years would be spent as a journeyman working for the masters at day's wages in order to practice the trade. It is likely William himself served as an apprentice because he was a builder and joiner by trade.

At a General Court Baron held on 11 Sep 1716, it was presented that on March 14, 1715/16, John Carter surrendered to the use of William Clutten of Fressingfield, Yeoman, a piece of enclosed land called LeWham containing about 5 roods, in Fressingfield, and an enclosed meadow with a certain lane, lying to the south of the aforesaid piece and containing 2 1/2 acres, and an apple orchard with a hempland next to it lying at the east end of the said lane and containing half an acre, with appurtenances, and the right of commoning both on the common pasture with two beasts in the commons called Chapenhall Green and Hushaw Green, and a tenement called Brownes with several pieces and parcels of land, meadow and pasture belong to the same in Chepenhall and Fressingfield containing in all aboaut 10 acres and the right of commoning with 5 more beasts upon the said greens. He paid a 'fine' of 14 pounds, 13 shillings and 6 pence upon admission, and forthwith surrendered all these premises to the uses of his will.

Father: William CLUTTEN

Marriage 1 Martha ALDOUS Married: 3 OCT 1700 in Fressingfield,Suffolk,England

Valentine CLUTTON
Christening: 28 FEB 1715 Fressingfield,Suffolk,England
Death: 26 MAY 1791
Burial: Fressingfield, Suffolk, England

Note: Valentine Clutten (1714/15) was apprenticed to a wheelwright at Holton. He followed that trade for some years and then farmed at "Lawn Farm," Fressingfield, near Whittingham Hall.

The book "Century of a Suffolk Village" which is about the village of Fressingfield mentions Valentine Clutten was a Churchwarden in 1778/9. He was the beneficiary in the will of his younger brother, Stephen, in which it says,"I give unto Valentine Clutton, by brother, all my estate in Fressingfield." At a General Court Baron held on 16 Dec 1754, Valentine is admitted to these premises.

In his will, made 3 May 1790, and proved 10 Jun 1791, at Fressingfield, he makes these bequests: to Catherine, my wife, an annuity of 30 pounds; to Mary Clutten, Celia Clutten, Martha Clutten, daughters of my son Valentine Clutten, late of Fressingfield, farmer, deceased, shares when they reach the age of twenty-one; to my son-in-law James Barber of Fressingfield, give payment of 4% interest annually to support my three grandchildren, Mary, Celia and Martha Clutten, and for their maintenance, education and clothing; to James, Charles William, Robert, Maria and Martha Barber, children of my daughter, Catherine, late the wife of James Barber, Fressingfield, deceased, shares of my estate; to Catherine Redit of Fressingfield, 10 pounds; to the poor of Fressingfield, 2 pounds. I appoint my son James Clutten of Fressingfield, and my son-in-law James Barber and William Catling (his nephew) of Metfield, Suffolk, to be my executors.

Father: William CLUTTON
Mother: Martha ALDOUS

Marriage: Catherine CATCHPOLD b: 1716 in of Mendham
Married: 2 OCT 1750 in Withersdale,Suffolk,England