Robert Buckett born ca 1766

Robert Buckett was born around 1766 in Shalfleet, Isle of Wight. He married Hannah Matthews (of Calbourne, IOW) on 12th October, 1797, at Calbourne.

Their son Henry Buckett (born ca 1813 or 1816), married Jane (Fanny) Hendy at Calbourne, in 1834.

Other children of Robert Buckett and Hannah Matthew were: Richard (born ca 1814, Portsmouth, Hants), James (born ca 1816, Hants), William (born ca 1818, Shalfleet, IOW).

Shalfleet 1841

the area to the east of the Mill Stream . . .
Robert Buckett 75 Y
Henry Buckett 25 Ag Lab Y
Jane Buckett 25 Y
George Buckett 6 Y
John Buckett 5 Y
William Buckett 4m


The Buckett Family of the Isle of Wight