Avis Newman

Avis Matilda Newman, born 16 July 1860, Townsend Township, Norfolk County, Ontario, was the wife of William Stewart Harmer. She died on 21st of June, 1935 and is buried in St. Matthew's Anglican Church cemetery (Aldershot), Burlington, ON.

William and Avid Harmer took in and raised Newman James Almas, her nephew, after the early deaths of his parents (her sister Jane Newman and brother-in-law David Almas).

Their children were:

1. James S. Harmer - born 14 March, 1884 at West Flamborough Twp., Wentworth County, ON; d. 8 July, 1952 and is buried at St. Matthew's, Aldershot; he was married to Blanche Hood. After his death, Blanche remarried - Warde Rasberry (son of Marshall Rasberry and Roxie Harmer); Warde died in his 30's.

2. Norman Earle Harmer - born July 1888, West Flamborogh Twp. He was a farmer, married to Isabella Pearl Hunter (daughter of Thomas Hunter and Alice Gray) on 31st October, 1911. Her residence was East Flamborough at the time of the marriage. Called Earle (though Norman in the 1891 Census - aged two), he had 35 - 40 acrest of land from the original home farm. His land was on the SW corner of the intersection of the Old Guelph Road, and the Old York Road, between Hwy 6 and Dundas. The house was about 500 yards west of the corner; the barn being still there in 2004.

3. William Clayton Harmer - born in October of 1900, Harmer homestead, West Flamborough, ON. This was at Lot 27, Cocession 2, West Flamborough Twp., Wentworth County, ON - the house where David Almas lived and died. Clayton was a milkman and farmer, married to Lilian Davies (born 1892). Their children included James Almas whom LJB visited in February of 2004. James' wife is Pat Thompson of the prominent north Hamilton family known as boat-builders. James lives on a 7 acre plot which was sub-divided from his father's original land on the Old York Road (opposite the Old Hopkins Cemetery).