The Warner Family of Suffolk

The WARNER family of Chediston and Fressingfield, Suffolk are connected to my Barber line, through the Aldous family.

Nicholas Warner was born ca 1400 in Chediston, Suffolk. He married (wife unknown) ca 1428 - and was buried 14th of June 1477, Chediston, Suffolk.

His son, Thomas Warner, was born ca 1430, Fressingfield, Suffolk. He married (Unknown) about 1455, Wingfield, Suffolk

Thomas' children included:

1. John Warner - born ca 1458, Wingfield, Suffolk

2. Johane Warner - born ca 1456, Wingfield, Suffolk (d. 1505) - married William Aldous (b. ca 1452 - buried 15 January, 1531, Fressingfield), and they had sons: Robert Aldous, Richard Aldous and Thomas Aldous.

3. Alice Warner - born ca 1460, Wingfield, Suffolk

More Warner Information

Below: IGI Batch Number: F837315 1395646

Nicholas WARNER - International Genealogical Index
Gender: M Marriage: Abt. 1400 Of, Fressingfield, Suffolk, England

Thomas WARNER - International Genealogical Index
Gender: M Misc: Abt. 1430 Of, Fressingfield, Suffolk, England

Johan_ WARNER - International Genealogical Index
Gender: F Marriage: Abt. 1452 Of, Fressingfield, Suffolk, England

Nicholas Warner, a carpenter, born in Fressingfield, Suffolk, England, abt. 1400; died in Fressingfield, 1477.

Fressingfield deeds include: 18 Dec 1427, John Levald gave Nicholas Warner, John Fox, and William Delanges of Fressingfield 4 acres of land in Fressingfield;

31 Jul 1429, Robert Noyes, William Warner of Fressingfield, John ...let of Dickelborough, and John Jay of Nedham gave Nicholas Warner of Fressingfield a messuage [house, outbuildings, and yard] etc. containing three roods [one-fourth acre];

17 Aug 1442, Thomas Cook of Wingfield gave Nicholas Warner a messuage with a piece of land;

30 Oct 1452, Robert Noyes of Fressingfield gave Nicholas Warner of Fressingfield, Thomas Cook of Wingfield, and Thomas Warner of Wingfield, a messuage, built upon, called Krichotys in Fressingfield.