Sarah Brinsdon

Sarah Brinsdon was born in Bath, Somerset, ca 1814. She was the daughter of John Brinsdon and Elizabeth Fry.

She married Isaac Townsend in Minchampton parish - 19 October, 1830. They were the parents of Ellen Townsend who married 1. James Hobbs and 2. William Webb-King.

Children of Isaac and Sarah were:

William (b. Minchinhampton 1835; Ellen (b. Avening, Glouc.1842?) ; Richard (b. Froome, Somerset 1845); Elizabeth (b. Minchinhampton 1847); Francis (b. Woodchester, Glouc. 1849); James (b. Minchinhampton 1852).

Note: It's possible that there were two Ellen Townsend members of this family - one born in 1832 and who died; another born in 1842 who subsequently married James Hobbs and then William Webb-King. This would account for the discrepancy of dates re: Ellen in what is otherwise clear indication that this is the family (i.e. of Isaac and Sarah Brinsdon) in which 'our' Ellen was raised.