Andrew Brock

Andrew Brock holding granddaughter, Judy Pirie

Andrew Brock was the father of Alexander Edwin Brock (born in Toronto in 1916). The parents of Andrew Brock were John Brock (c. 23 Dec. 1845) and Jane Riddell (c. 3 October, 1855). Andrew was born October, 1888, 566 New Keppoch Hill Road, Glasgow, Scotland. He was a twin to a brother, Alexander.

His wife, Maude Smith was born 20 November, 1889, Newbridge, Shalfleet parish, Isle of Wight, UK. IN the UK Census of 1901, she was age 11, born Isle of Wight, Shalfleet; resident of Shalfleet Civil Parish. Her parents were Edwin Smith and Annie Jane Buckett who were married 3 August, 1876, at the Registry Office, Newport, Isle of Wight. As a child, Maude often saw the Royal Regatta of Queen Victoria who 'summered' on the Isle of Wight.

Maude (Smith) Brock


Andrew Brock played soccer for Partick Thistle while a young man in Glasgow.

He was a decorator/painter, having been a ship's painter on several ships (including the Mauritania) as they crossed back and forth across the Atlantic. He settled in Toronto, Canada in about 1912.

He worked as a painter for the Timothy Eaton Company and did a lot of the fine gold-leaf filigree work and other painting at the original Pantages Theatre in the 1920's, on Yonge Street in Toronto.


Maude Smith and Andrew met when he was decorating a fine home in the wealthy Rosedale area of Toronto; in fact, the home of the High Commissioner of London. Maude was working 'in service' - as a domestic in the home at that time.

Andrew loved waltzes and martial band music. He was a Mason and a member of the Shriner off-shoot: "Rani Garth Grotto."

Andrew Brock and Maud Smith Brock, with Betty and Phyllis

Maude died in 1946 in Toronto.

The children of Andrew Brock and Maude Smith were:

1. Alexander Edwin Brock - b. 1916, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

2. Phyllis Aileen Brock (married Alan Pirie: issue - Judy, James)

James - married Gail: issue - Kelly

Judith Anne - married Douglas Francis McDonald: issue - Andrew James, Jonathan Peter, Jennifer Anne Pirie, Melissa

3. Elizabeth (Betty) Mabel Brock (married Russell Hawker: issue - Marilyn, Karen)


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