Essendon Hertfordshire

Mary Ann King (daughter of Abraham King and Sarah (nee Lawman) King) was christened 16 October, 1814 at Essendon, Hertfordshire.

Apparently, she was engaged or had planned to marry a local 'labourer' - William Webb, supposedly of an extensive land-owning family of Essendon, Hertfordshire - but he was killed in a 'tragic accident' of some kind, in August of 1833. Mary Ann King was already pregnant and gave birth to their son, William (Webb-King) in Essendon, on 5th of January, 1834.

(William Webb was christened 1 December, 1811, Essendon, the son of James and Catherine Webb.)

Mary Ann King married William Frost (c. 30 May, 1819) of Much Hadham, Herts in 1848, at Essendon. She took in work as a laundress, with her mother Sarah (Lawman) King. In the 1851 Census, she was living at 'Laundry Cottage,' Essendon. Their children were born in Essendon: William Henry, Frederick, Mary Anne, and Charles.