Maude (or Mawde) Kersey married Robert Barber (1638 - 1705), in Fressingfield - 21 May, 1668. Maud was born in either 1640 or 1647 and was buried 17 October, 1720, in Fressingfield.

Maude Kersey's father was Edward Kersey (spelled Carsey in most records) who was christened 21 December, 1608, Cratfield, Suffolk. Her mother also was a Maude, but her last name is not known.

Edward Carsey's parents were Robert Carsey (spelled Carsie) and Brigitt Hartley who were married in Cratfield, 20 October, 1604. A sister of Edward Carey was named Alice, christened 17 November 1605, Cratfield, Suffolk.

Maude Kersey (husband of Robert Barber - 1638 - 1705) was one of 8 children, of Edward (c. 21 December, 1608) and Maude Carsey. The other siblings were: Alice c. 17 April, 1632; John c. 25 April, 1633; Sara c. 11 June, 1635; John c. 6 December, 1642; James c. 6 December, 1642; Susan c. 28 September, 1643; and Mary c. 10 March, 1645 - (all also christened under the name 'Carsie,' in Cratfield, Suffolk. Of these siblings it is known that Mary Kersey married a man named Poole, and Susan a man named Hayward.