John Oxley

John Oxley, son of John Oxley and Mary Pearson, (christened 11 July 1745, Egton, North Riding of Yorkshire) married Isabel Stuart (christened at Egton 9 June 1745).

Isabel was the daughter of E. Jackson (born 1706) and J. Steward (died 5 May 1773, Eston, NRY. (They were married at Eston 15 January 1729 but she must have been born 'early' to take her mother's name.)

Children of John Oxley and Isabel Stuart:

Thomas Oxley (christened 2 April 1780, Egton - died 1 March - 1840; married Hannah Yeoman

Isabella Oxley (born 26 May 1786, Glaisdale, NRY