Jonathan Oakes (1791 - 1878)

Jonathan Oakes (1791 - 1878) and Dinah Short (1793 - 1866) were both born in Cratfield, Suffolk and died in the hamlet of Oustic, Eramosa Township, Welland Co., Ontario. Jonathan and Dinah were married on the 17th of October, 1815, at St. Mary's church, Cratfield, Suffolk. Both made their mark 'X' in the registry; the witnesses were William Westrop and Jemima Oakes.

Dinah (Short) Oakes and Jonathan Oakes

The parents of Jonathan Oakes were Joseph Oakes (c. in Yaxley, 11 November, 1770) and Phyllis Rumsby (c. Cratfield on 25 March, 1770 - buried in Cratfield on 27 November, 1850). They were married on 23 July, 1797, in Cratfield. Phyllis' parents were Philip Rumsby and Mary Huggins who were married in Cratfield on the 11th of October, 1768. They had a son named Philip who was christened on the 28th of July, 1772 (likely in Cratfield).

Jonathan & Dinah and their family first settled in Puslinch Township, Wellington County - just SW of the city of Guelph, Ontario. This farm was subsequently sold to Benjamin Chester and the family relocated. At one time Jonathan, who had been a 'market gardener' in England also did that in the Guelph area, just NE, in what is now within the city limits. The parents, at least, and Jonathan Oakes Jr. and his wife and family relocated to Oustic, Eramsoa Township, Wellington County - on Concession 5, Lot 25. Jonathan Jr. settled there in 1838. An Oakes descendant's wife still lives on the old homestead farm in 2003. Only the house and a few acres are left with her as the barn and rest of the property was sold some time ago. The barn is now derelict.

Jonathan Oakes' father was Joseph Oakes who was baptized 11 November, 1770, Yaxley, Suffolk - buried: 25 August, 1853, Cratfield, Suffolk. Jonathan's mother was Phyllis Rumsby who was baptized 25th March, 1770, Cratfield, Suffolk and was buried at Cratfield 27 November, 1850. They were married in St. Mary's, Cratfield, 23, July, 1797.

Local records (Sheet 9 #238 - Blythe Rural District) indicate that the Oakes Farmhouse was an early 17th century house, located at Swan Green, Cratfield. It was a two storey building with an attic, gable-framed, with platered pantiles. It had four windows, casements, a plank floor -- and when surveyed (after the Oakes had departed for Canada) it was in 'poor condition.'

The children of Jonathan Oakes and Dinah Short were:

1. Harriet Elizabeth Oakes (who married Robert Barber) - b. 1814) baptized 1816, Cratfield, Suffolk - died in Guelph, Ontario; buried: Woodlawn Cemetery

2. Sarah Oakes - baptized 14 April, 1816, Cratfield, Suffolk

3. Sophia Oakes - born 4 December, 1820; baptized 28 April, 1833, Cratfield, Suffolk; married a man last-named Case. Issue: Sarah (1840 - 1912) & Mary

4. Susan Oakes (1st) - born 1820 - died: 14 January, 1820, Cratfield, Suffolk

5. Jonathan Oakes - born 1823, Cratfield and baptized 28 April, 1833, Cratfield, Suffolk. He died at his farm at Oustic, Ermaosa Township, Wellington Co., ON

6. John Oakes - born either 1823 or 1825; christened 28 April, 1833, Cratfield, Suffolk.

7. James Oakes - born 1827; christened 28 April, 1833, Cratfield, Suffolk - died 1888 at Oustic, Eramosa Township, Wellington Co., ON.

8. George Oakes - born 1830; christened 28 April, 1833, Cratfield, Suffolk - died in 1894 in Ontario & is buried: Woodlawn Cemetery, Guelph.

9. Susan Oakes - born in 1830 in Cratfield, Suffolk - died 1879, Eramosa Township, Ontario.

10. Robert Oakes - christened 28 April, 1832, Cratfield, Suffolk.

Ontario, Canada Deaths, 1869-1932
Jonathan Oakes
Death Date: 12 May 1878
Death Location: Wellington
Estimated birth year: abt 1791
Birth Location: Sfk; Eng

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