Rasberry Family West Flamborough Twp., Wentworth Co., ON

Bordering on the north side of Coote's Paradise was the 210 acre Rasberry Farm - now part of the Royal Botanical Gardens. The family was one of many that settled in this area, just under the escarpment and north of the marshes of Coote's Paradise. Other families included Mordens, Frances, Hopkins, Loyons, Eeretts, Newmans, Nevills and Desjardins.

In early days of settlemen, when soldiers were stationed at York and other places, and wanted some sport, they would come to the marsh. Captain Coote, of the King's Regiment, was one of these sport-lovers and so great was his love for the district that his comrades nicknamed it Coote's Paradise, a name by which it is still known.

When William Rasberry came from England about 1830, he settled first where the Valley Inn was the mid 1900's. His wife used to swing the bridge (when her husband was at work) which allowed boats to pass up to Dundas through the Desjardin's canal. They later moved to the farm where the following three generations lived, viz: John, Marshall, and Warde Rasberry.

John Rasberry and his wife, Eliza, farmed on the Rasberry Homestead in West Flamborough. He was born there ca 1838 and died there 17 September 1913. She was born 10 November 1846 and died 1 December 1888. They are both buried in the cemetery at St. Matthew's Anglican Church (Aldershot), Burlington, ON. Their children were Marshall and Sydney John.

Marshall Rasberry was born ca 1866 and died 26 May, 1925. He was married to Roxie H. Harmer. Their children were Rosetta E. Rasberry, Willoughby Rasberry and Warde Rasberry. Rosetta was born in September of 1899 and died 25 April, 1904 at the age of 5 years, 8 months. She is buried at St. Matthew's, Aldershot. Willoughby Rasberry was born in 1891 and died in 1909.

Warde Rasberry was married to Blanche Hood and, after her death, to James S. Harmer.